Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to My Bus Adventures

This blog will consist of my 100% true observations from riding my bus to and from work every day. We have a real cast of main characters that I have nick named. They are:
  • Bus Gump - The star of the show. He has some mental health issues, but he is super friendly to everyone. He will talk to anyone. He asks lots of questions and loves heavy metal.  When he listens to too much metal, his dark side comes out.  He claims to have been a Satanist and a Muslim, but he just got saved, so he is currently a Christian.
  • Angry Bus Guy - This dude is always pissed off! Rush Limbaugh thinks he is too far to the right.  He often walks onto the bus cursing for no apparent reason.
  • Bus Stop Motor Mouth - This lady will not stop talking. She loves to gossip.
I will also include my random observations on life.  Stay tuned and if you like it tell your friends.  If you don't like it, still tell your friends, because hits are hits, friends.