Monday, November 7, 2011

*Bus Adventures Disclaimer*
Bus Gump got baptized this weekend. I am happy for him and I am not making light of his baptism. The conversation that followed is fair game....
Bus Gump: I feel different now. I can't listen to Metal anymore. I tried to last night and I just couldn't. Yep, I'm not a Muslim anymore either.
Me: You were a Muslim? Seriously?
BG: Oh yeah. I was a Muslim for years. I also used to...
...worship the Devil.
BG: I worshiped the Devil. I believed in human sacrifices and killing. All of it. Not anymore. I'm a Christian now.
Me: Was that because of the Heavy Metal.
BG: Yeah. I used to like Metallica. They are a bad band and they go against God. That song Enter Sandman is about the Devil. I was born in 1965 when Pink Floyd was popular. Don't listen to them either.

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