Monday, January 23, 2012

Bus Gump Politics and Helter Skelter

Bus Gump had a lot of good quotes today. 
  • "Did you get that music for me?  You can just give me that Metallica if you are busy." 
  • After asking my party afiliation (Republican), he said, "Yeah, me too.  I hate Obama.  He's an asshole.  All he does is sit on his ass and smoke cigarettes."
  • "Have you got a dollar?"
  • "I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at my group home manager.  All she does is boss people around.  She's a black lady.  She's so bossy.  Always telling me what to do.  How was I supposed to know that the dishes were already washed?  And she gets all mad at me for wasting water.  She is a bitch!  I hate crones!  The only crone I like is a certain witch."
  • I'm reading Dante.  I love him.  Reading his stuff makes me feel good.  Do you like Dante?  Do you like to read books about Hell and stuff?  I liked Helter Skelter.  Tha was a good book.  Do you like reading stuff like that about serial killers, murderers, and masterminds?  I like that kind of stuff."
  • Do you like the beatles' song Helter Skelter?  I like Charles Manson.  He is interesting.  Did you that they are making a new documentary called Helter Skelter Secrets?  Well, it's not really a documentary, it is more of a movie.  It is going to be R or X.  X, you know like because it has a lot of sex in it.  I really want to see it.  I bet it is interesting.  It is only going to be in little theaters like that one we pass (an art house theater).  It will probably be like $20."
  • "We've become good friends, you and I.  I like you."
  • "Can we exchange phone numbers, so that I can call you sometimes?"
  • "Oh, okay.  I understand.  We can just talk on the bus."

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