Friday, January 13, 2012

Bus Gump was wearing black sweat pants and a black hoody.  He says good to me, Frizzy Hair, and the Asian dude.  He then says, "I hope no one thinks I am a gangster."  I replied, "Yep.  I thought you were going to mug us.  You look like a gangbanger."
BG: "Not me.  Hey lady (Frizzy) give me that phone!  Just kidding.  I don't even have a gun."
<Frizzy laughs nervously>
BG: "I'm feeling really good today.  I've been in pain the past couple of weeks, but the past couple of days I've been feeling really good.  I'm having surgery.
Me: "On your leg?"  <He has a jacked up leg>
BG: "No.  I have a fissure."
Me: "Sorry to hear that."
BG: "Do you know what a fissure is?"
Me: "Honestly, no."
BG: "It is when you have really bad hemorrhoids and you get a tear in your anus, you know, a torn rectum.  It has happened before, but the doctor needs to go back in a sew my rectum.  I'm feeling really good today though.

BG talks to the kid seated across from him about Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica.  He turns to Frizzy.
BG: "I need tio change my musical behaviors.  I am going to start listening to Widespread Panic.

I wept.  Their song "All Time Low" just took on new meaning.

Angry Bus Guy gets on the bus grumbling.  When he gets beside me, he says,"Damn it all to Hell!" super loud.  As this was right after Bus Gump declared himself a 'Spread Head, I nodded in agreement.  Sometimes ABG says it best.

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