Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Every Gump Needs a Bench

So as some of you know, a couple of weeks ago, we a had lot of rain in the area and it was wet and muddy everywhere.  I picked up the bus at the Park & Ride and talked to Bus Gump.  He has a messed up leg and he said that it was hurting him.  He said he wished we had a bench and then he sat down on the cold wet muddy ground.  I told him he should e-mail the City Transit folks and ask for a bench.  He said, "They don't care about us cripples."  I called and e-mailed the Transit folks and they put a bench out for him yesterday.

I wanted to keep my involvement a secret for a couple of reasons.  One, That is what my dad would do, and two, I don't want Bus Gump to start trying to be best friends.  I want to stay back as an observer on the bus.  I don't want to get too close.  Anyway, I only told Curley (aka Frizzy Hair) because she was thinking about getting her daughter's Girl Scout troop to build a bench for him.  Well, she gets on and says "Did you see your Bench?  That is so awesome!"  Oh no!  I've been outed!  Bus Gump gets on and hobbles back,  "Did you get me that bench?  Was it a gift for me?  Oh, it's for everybody?  Thank you so much.  That was really nice of you, sir.  I really appreciate it."  Oh, well.  That wasn't so bad.  Every Gump needs a bench, anyway. 

I can see it now, "Life is like a Metallica Mix Tape.  Hey do you lie Ramstein?  How does their music make you feel?  Does it make you angry?  Sarah Jessica Parker is a slut.  I used to to worship the devil and...." 

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